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Trend Micro OfficeScan

Trend Micro OfficeScan


Trend Micro OfficeScan is currently licensed for UGA-owned computers.


  • OfficeScan offers a conventional signature-based scan engine as well as a reputation-based in-the-cloud scanning. The cloud-client architecture offers more immediate protection and eliminates the burden of pattern deployment and significantly reduces the overall client footprint.
  • Web Reputation blocks clients from known malicious sites.
  • Intrusion Defense Firewall supplements highly effective OfficeScan client-level security with network-level Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS). Intrusion Defense Firewall acts as a virtual patch to shield vulnerabilities in Operating Systems and common client applications, delivering true zero-day protection from known and unknown threats.

Installers and Management

Client installers, ServerProtect, custom installers, and instructions for managing OfficeScan can be found on the Trend Micro OfficeScan Installation and Management web page.

More Information

Trend Micro OfficeScan FAQ