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Wireless Network

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to gain access to PAWS-Secure?

Most computers, laptops, phones and tablets will automatically search for a wireless network. Select PAWS-Secure, and provide your valid UGA MyID and password. PAWS-Secure only requires a one-time setup on each device. However, when you change your MyID password, you will also need to update it on your devices to access PAWS-Secure.

Your wireless device should support 802.11a, 802.11g or 802.11n protocols.

Where on campus can I access the wireless network?

PAWS-Secure and Welcome to UGA are available in all buildings on the Athens campus, including residence halls, libraries, classrooms, offices and green spaces. Both are available at UGA's extended campuses in Griffin, Buckhead and Gwinnett.

At the Health Sciences Campus, people with a UGA MyID should connect to MedPAWS-Secure. Anyone without a MyID may request a guest account to "Welcome to UGA" by contacting the EITS Help Desk.

Which network do I choose?

If you have a UGA MyID, connect to PAWS-Secure. Anyone without a MyID — such as campus visitors — may connect to "Welcome to UGA" by contacting the EITS Help Desk for a temporary, guest account. 

PAWS-Secure requires a mobile device that supports 802.1x secure authentication and AES encryptions, commonly known as WPA2 Enterprise.

The "Welcome to UGA" guest wireless network requires a temporary username and password from the EITS Help Desk. Guests may then use Wi-Fi through an Internet browser.

Who do I contact if I have problems?

Contact the EITS Help Desk.