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Classifying and Protecting the UGAID

What is the UGAID?

The UGAID is a unique identification number that is issued to students, faculty, and staff. The UGAID is used as a replacement for the Social Security Number (SSN).

Your UGAID is the 9-digit number beginning with "810" or "811" that appears on your UGACard.

Is my UGAID number considered sensitive? Does it need protection?


FERPA regulations apply to your UGAID, and UGA does not define the UGAID as Directory Information. Therefore, your UGAID is considered private and must not be included in directories, posted with grades, or otherwise made public without your permission

Units, Departments, and Colleges:

An individual's UGAID should be considered Sensitive and protected accordingly. A student or employee's UGAID should never be disclosed or published publicly without first obtaining permission to do so.

When transmitting UGAID information, we recommend using a secure tool like rather than sending in email. Sendfiles has privacy and security features that can help reduce risk of inadvertent disclosure such as the ability to truly recall a misdirected message.

How do I find my UGAID?

You can find your UGAID on your UGACard or you can contact the EITS Help Desk.

How do I find out more about UGAID privacy and security requirements?

Please direct your UGAID related questions to the EITS Help Desk.