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Program Overview

How it Works

Twice a year, the EITS Mentorship Council works with volunteer mentors and proteges drawn from across EITS divisions, matching individuals up to form a mentorship pair that persists for a period of six months. During this time, the mentorship pairs work together in an effort to develop the proteges’ leadership, interpersonal, or technical skills as well as achieve individual personal and professional objectives. While the EITS Mentorship Council provides some basic guidelines, the program is very flexible and allows for individual pairs to determine the objectives, methods and time commitment that works best for them.

Example Mentor/protege Pair

Many mentor/protege pairs follow technical tracks in order to further develop skill-sets that can benefit the proteges in their everyday work and long-term goals. For example, a recent mentorship pair focused on a specific technical subject of interest for the protege, and the mentor and protege assisted each other on various work-related projects. For some of their meetings, the mentor set up sessions with knowledge experts outside of the protege’s work area in order to expose the protege to more in-depth information in alignment with his mentorship goals.

The following is an example of an EITS Mentorship Agreement that was completed at the beginning of this mentor/protege pair’s cycle. The EITS Mentorship Council encourages all pairs to complete a similar agreement at the beginning of each cycle.

Example Mentorship Agreement