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EITS has negotiated a UGA site license for Imagecast Corporation's ImageCast suite. These products allow one to clone workstation hard disk images either by  client/server, or hard disk to hard disk methods. Compressed image files can be made of a hard disk to be distributed to other workstations.

ImageCast can clone FAT16, Linux, NTFS, HPFS, FAT32, and Netware filesystems. It also includes a host of features such as the ability to distribute images via IP Multicast to one or more clients to reduce overall network bandwidth. ImageCast is able to convert Ghost image files to ImageCast format. This product also allows one to explore an image file and extract portions of it, if need be. Finally, ImageCast allows users to customize cloned workstations by pushing down applications or registry settings over the network from a central control console.  For more information, please see

ImageCast products can be used by faculty, staff, and students affiliated with UGA.



Important Changes (read before installing)

ImageCast - v 4.6.1

AppNstall - v 4.6.0

(point to the license file again during installation to activate)

Restore Builder - v 4.6.1

PXE Server - v 4.6.1


(These are local after the installation but are also here for convenience).