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Remote Print Manager (RPM)

EITS has a site license for the current version of the Windows 9x RPM software. At this point we are not planning to purchase the RPM software that is designed specifically to run on Windows NT and Windows 2000.

The current version of RPM for Windows 9x (version 2.3) does not run properly on Windows NT or Windows 2000. However, a previous release of the RPM for Windows 9x software (2.14) does run properly under Windows NT and Windows 2000, just without some options specific to Windows NT and Windows 2000. EITS is offering this older version of RPM to help departments that need to run RPM on a WinNT/2K machine but do not wish to purchase the current release of the RPM designed for these operating systems (version 4.0). If you wish to purchase RPM 4.0 it can be obtained from

Note: If you are experiencing problems with RPM, please contact the EITS Helpdesk at (706) 542-3106 or submit a problem ticket via the web.


  • RPM 2.3 - TCP/IP (LPD) Print Server for Windows 9x
  • RPM 2.14 - TCP/IP (LPD) Print Server for WinNT/2000/XP