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A Spare Moment: Helps Fill in the Gaps

When she’s got a spare moment, Myra Yarbray is learning more about some of the software she uses everyday as an administrative assistant at the University of Georgia.

During a recent trial of, Yarbray logged on to the online training website to learn the essentials of Microsoft Access — a database management system. She also picked up some new skills about software she already knows well — Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

“There’s so much to learn online from,” Yarbray said.

As a front desk receptionist at University Testing Services, Yarbray finds some days too busy to learn new skills. But with, Yarbray said she can view brief instructional videos online during slower periods. Video tutorials on are segmented from just a few seconds to several minutes for each course. Viewers can stop, rewind or replay videos as they need, as well.

“When I have those down times, it’s easy to pull up and learn,” said Yarbray, who has been employed with the University for more than seven years.

And while she initially started using for her job, Yarbray is now using the free service for her hobbies — including photo editing and web development. is available 24/7 from any web browser or mobile device. UGA students, faculty and staff will be able to visit starting Nov. 1 by using their UGA myID or by visiting

“I can do what I need to do, but I want to do more,” said Yarbray, who also watches videos at home.

Unlike other online training programs, Yarbray said she has found easier to understand and it keeps her interested. The experts enlisted by to teach courses also offer better techniques, she added.

“Nothing has compared to the quality of,” Yarbray said. She’s now encouraging co-workers to take advantage of when it becomes available throughout the University.

Come Nov. 1, will be available for free to all UGA students, faculty and staff. It currently has about 1,500 video tutorials organized by software, topics and instructors. Those who finish courses can also earn certificates of completion.

Access to is being offered as part of a collaboration with the University’s Enterprise Information Technology Services (EITS), Human Resources, and the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL). In 2013, there will be other enhancements to online training and learning at the University.

Visit the Learning and Training section of our website for more information about all of the online training resources available through EITS.