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Nolij Web Solution

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Nolij Web is a document imaging and management solution for higher education institutions. Any type of administrative processes handling documents — such as simple file archiving, multi-leveled approval processes, and even complicated inter-departmental business processes — can be transformed into a set of web-based Nolij Web workflows. By integrating your business processes and automating the workflows, Nolij Web can significantly increase the productivity of your department while protecting sensitive and restricted information behind the centrally-managed and secure repository.

Nolij Web also provides a variety of administrative features, such as reporting, instant messaging, email integration, and database query building.

Some campus users have already benefited from Nolij Web by streamlining processes and by sharing documents electronically (Undergraduate Admissions, Office of the Registrar, and Student Financial Aid). EITS is expanding Nolij Web to the entire campus community.

Nolij Web integrates with most leading higher education Student Information System (SIS) software and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) databases. It has been enabled to share information with the new Banner Student Information System.


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  • nolij workflow editor


What does EITS provide?

EITS offers a comprehensive set of services for the campus Nolij Web clients. Typical services include:

  • Departments/users/permissions set up
  • Scan-Store-Retrieve of documents set up
  • Simple/batch query set up
  • Custom query logic and data integration
  • Initial onsite training

What’s required?

  • An active Internet connection
  • TWAIN compatible scanner (or access to a multi-function scanner / copier)
  • Mac/Windows computer with Java Runtime-enabled systems/browsers
  • Purchase of concurrent user package with recurring maintenance fees, discounted at our bulk pricing option (please see the current pricing).

For more information, please contact David Crouch.