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IT Contracts and Licensing Administration

ITCLA Acquisition Process

Products / Services Acquisition

The IT Acquisition Process

  • Contract process evaluation
  • Meeting with the contract/agreement requester
  • Contact with Vendor for overview/set ground rules
  • Conference call and/or Technical presentation coordination as required
  • Strategy development – objectives and specifications
  • Cone of Silence, Negotiation, First Round or more
  • Legal Affairs, Review, Final Draft Proposal, Approval of Final Terms
  • Purchasing Process, UGA Procurement processing
  • Assist with any remaining detail requirements from UGA procurement
  • Contract management initiation, track implementation and deliverables
  • Review Vendor Scorecard
  • Summative evaluation, Future Strategy, Savings/Value Analysis

Acquisition Process

Download a hard copy of the IT Acquisition Request Form

Complete the form and contact ITCLA or use the online form below. (Both forms are the same.)

Online Acquisition Request Form


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