Client Technology Support (CTS)

Client Technology Support (CTS)

What is CTS?

Client Technology Support (CTS) is a campus-wide unit dedicated to providing UGA students and staff with access to UGA-shared computing services through open-use, instruction, and specialized computer labs. CTS labs are located throughout the UGA campus at the Main Library, Miller Learning Center, Brumby Hall, Russell Hall, East Campus Village, Oglethrope House, Creswell Hall, and Family Housing.

Computer Labs

The EITS Computer Labs are located throughout the UGA campus. In addition to a variety of installed software packages and printing services, these sites provide access to the central computing resources, the campus broadband network, and the Internet. Two sites, the Main Library and the Miller Learning Center, also provide consulting services.

Campus Broadband Network

The campus broadband network connects departmental computer networks across campus and connects these with central computing resources and the Internet.

Central Computing Resources

Central Computing Resources are resources that are available to all UGA students, including:

Disability Resources

EITS Computer Labs have a variety of adaptive systems for the visually and motor-skill impaired. Right now SITES offers Disability Resources at the Main Library and Student Learning Center.

EITS Helpdesk

In addition to the consulting support available in the Main Library and the Miller Learning Center labs, EITS operates the Helpdesk to assist with more detailed questions and problems.