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To ensure if your television will work, look in your TV owner’s manual for labeling that states, “Digital Ready,” “DTV,” “Digital Tuner Built in,” “HDTV,” “QAM,” “Integrated Digital Tuner,” etc.

If your TV has any of those terms, your TVshould work with University Cablevision.

In that case, just plug your TV into a wall jack with a coaxial cable and complete an auto-tune.

Televisions whose owner’s manual states it has a NTSC tuner will not work on University Cablevision. This may also apply to older televisions and possibly a few newer TVs.

For those TVs that cannot receive a digital signal, an option is to buy a digital cableconverter box that supports QAM and connect the digital converter to your TV. The digital converters provided by iView and Channel Master have been shown to work with University Cablevision.