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This page organizes information by topic and will link together documents, presentations, reference materials, frequently asked questions on specific topics. Additional topics will be added.


Access Services – Access Services is a unit within the Operations and Infrastructure Systems Group, whose function is to facilitate Campus Wide Access (CWA) to the University administrative systems developed for the VP for Finance and Administration and the VP for Student Affairs.

Athena – Athena is the student information system for course registration, course schedules, class rosters, grades, student records and financial aid.

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Boyd Data Center – The ultimate goal of the Boyd Data Center personnel is to provide the highest possible quality of central computing support for the University of Georgia user community.

Budget Management System – UGA Budget Management is a reporting and planning system used for a variety of reporting, budget planning and salary setting purposes. This system functions as the primary tool for annual Budget Planning and Salary Setting, serves as a budgetary reporting tool and provides budget journal creation functionality.

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Cable TV – University Cablevision provides entertainment, education, news, sports, and international programming to support the overall collegiate experience of students living on campus as well as the academic and continuing education needs of UGA.

Client Technology Support (CTS) – Client Technology Support (CTS) is a campus-wide unit dedicated to providing UGA students and staff with access to UGA-shared computing services through open-use, instruction and specialized computer labs.

Computer Equipment, Software, and Services Process (CESS) - The CESS process reviews qualifying IT projects for risk assessment and compliance with Board of Regents policy. Items that are considered qualifying IT projects include hardware purchases, software licensing, third-party hosting, IT consulting services and more.

Cost Recovery Services – EITS provides IT service and licensing offerings tailored to the unique needs of UGA departments. 

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Document Management – Content 7 is a document management system for secure digital storage, search, and retrieval of documents.

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eLearning Commons (eLC) – eLearning Commons is the online learning management system for the University of Georgia.

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File Storage – Research IFS is an affordable option for researchers who want a centrally managed file storage option for backup/archive purposes (uses a MyID). Instructions on how to use IFS are available on the EITS Help Desk website. Please be advised, these instructions only apply to units who have purchased these services.  

Financial Management System – The Financial Management System is used across the University for a variety of business and financial functions such as managing travel expenses, payment requests, revenue and deposits, journals, sponsored projects and financial reporting.

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Georgia Advanced Computing Resource Center – The High-Performance Computing center that serves UGA's research community. It provides access to a research cluster, a teaching cluster, large-scale storage and data management services. Support services include a Help Desk, regular trainings and workshops, as well as on-demand consultation.

Google Workspace — All active UGA students, faculty and staff have access to select Google tools with their UGA MyID. Google Workspace tools include Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides. 

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Identity Federation – Identity Federation is a single sign-on service that makes it easier for UGA students, faculty and staff to access online resources that require authentication with approved partners outside of the University. By using Identity Federation with approved partners, UGA users can use their MyID and password to authenticate to non-UGA websites. 

Information Security – The Office of Information Security manages security policies and awareness, administers security tools and technology, and responds to computer security incidents at the University of Georgia.

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Kaltura – UGA's media storage and streaming solution platform.

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Listserv – An email list management service that allows faculty, staff and students to collaborate and share information with large groups of people both internal and external to the University. 

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Mobile App – The Official UGA Mobile App brings together several key services on campus into a single place available at your fingertips, including campus bus routes, maps and student resources.

MyID – The UGA MyID is the sign-on name that students, faculty and staff use to access a wide range of online services at UGA.

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Network Information – EITS Network Infrastructure and Services provides a wide range of network technical support and services.

Network Support Partnership – The Network Support Partnership (NSP) provides a clear pricing and billing model for network support services to UGA departments. NSP also provides extended support to departments through the Gold Support Level. 

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OmniUpdate – OmniUpdate is a content management system (CMS) available to UGA colleges and units for their UGA-affiliated websites.   

OneSource – OneSource is an ongoing UGA initiative to improve efficiency, streamline business and HR processes, reduce burden and build modern infrastructure that supports data-driven decisions. Technology is a key component of this initiative. OneSource systems enable financial, budget and HR/Payroll administration including reimbursement of travel expenses, time and absence reporting and electronic W2 delivery.

OneUSG Connect System – OneUSG Connect is a unified and integrated single technology solution that helps all University System of Georgia (USG) institutions manage and support their workforces. The major components of OneUSG Connect include payroll services, human resources management, time and attendance and benefits administration.

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Policies – The Office of Information Security maintains several policies related to the use of computers and information at the University of Georgia.  

Portal – The UGA portal is a single web location (or address) which provides access to the web-based services and information most important to you. 

Printing Kiosks – WEPA (Wireless Everywhere. Print Anywhere.) print kiosks allow students, faculty and staff to print their documents from computers, mobile devices and USB flash drives to a print kiosk on campus.

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Qualtrics – A site-licensed survey tool available to all faculty, staff and students at UGA.

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Research Computing – The mission of the GACRC is to provide leadership for, and support of, advanced research computing, large-scale data services and network resources that enhance the productivity of researchers. 

Research IT – A number of Research IT services are available to the UGA research community including data management planning, computing services, storage and backup services and archives.

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Single Sign-On (UGA SSO) – A new single-sign-on authentication service, called UGA SSO, will be available July 20, 2019. This new authentication service for UGA-provided websites will eventually replace other authentication services, including the Central Authentication Service (CAS), Lightweight Directory Service (LDP) and Identity Provider (IDP).

Software – Licensed software available to the UGA community.

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Telephone Services - The University of Georgia Office of Telephone Services coordinates telephone service for all units on campus. We maintain e-Billing information for University Departments.

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UGAMail – UGA's email and calendar system, powered by Microsoft's Office 365, features robust online communication capabilities including email and integrated calendar.  

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Video Conferencing – Video conferencing is an option for UGA students, faculty and staff to conduct virtual meetings with multiple people.

vLab – Remotely access lab software "anywhere, anytime" via a web browser on any device.

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Web Hosting – UGA Web Hosting's Standard Edition offers a powerful, secure, multi-tier environment. Professional sites can be developed and tested before being deployed into production. Scripts run more securely than ever before. An array of web servers provides fault tolerance.  

Wireless Network – UGA's preferred wireless network for all students, faculty and staff with a valid MyID is PAWS-Secure, which is available throughout campus. Guests without a MyID may use another wireless network called UGA_Visitors_Wifi.

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Zoom – An online meeting tool that allows for video or audio conferencing from desktops or mobile devices. 

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