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Web and Applications

Document Management

EITS provides a centrally supported document management system for digital document storage, search, viewing, and processing.  This system can be configured to provide the following benefits to UGA departments and business units:

  • Secure digital storage of documents, including sensitive or restricted information
  • Secure sharing of specified documents with other authorized users on campus
  • Automated document workflows to improve productivity, eliminate bottlenecks, and enable notifications for required actions
  • Integration with screens and forms in other UGA systems for quick document retrieval
  • Centralized offsite backup and disaster recovery service
  • On-site server hosting in the EITS data center with environmental controls, restricted physical access, fire suppression, and network security
  • Integration with the MyID system for simplified authentication and effective management of personnel and role changes
  • Bulk importing and indexing of documents from other systems

Document Management Products

Content 7

The Content 7 document management system, formerly called ImageNow, is the new centrally supported document management product at UGA.  This service has been in production since August of 2017, and will be the official product moving forward.  New departments wishing to begin using digital document management services or migrate from existing document management systems will be set up in Content 7.

Nolij Web

The Nolij Web document management system has been in use at UGA since early 2009, and is in the process of being transitioned to the Content 7 system.  EITS will be working with departments and business units using Nolij Web to migrate their documents and workflows to the Content 7 system during FY 2018.

What does EITS provide?

EITS offers a comprehensive set of services for the campus Nolij Web clients. Typical services include:

  • Department/user/permissions set up
  • Setup of document scanning, indexing, storage, and retrieval
  • Setup of automated bulk document importing and indexing
  • Initial onsite end-user training
  • Integration with forms and screens in other information systems (such as Banner and PeopleSoft) to enable quick document retrieval
  • Product demonstrations and business process consultation

What’s required?

  • An active Internet connection
  • TWAIN compatible scanner (or access to a multi-function scanner / copier)
  • Mac/Windows computer with Java Runtime-enabled systems/browsers
  • Purchase of concurrent user package with recurring maintenance fees (please see the current pricing).

For more information, please contact David Crouch.