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Omni Content Management System

For colleges, units and departments at the University of Georgia looking for a Content Management System (CMS), EITS offers Omni, a CMS specializing in higher education institutions.

Omni is a cloud-based CMS that allows account owners to manage multiple sites, pages and users. It also features easy editing tools for content contributors and editors, a workflow process for creating and editing content, and additional tools.

Omni is free to UGA colleges, units and departments. This includes on-going training and support for users, administrators and developers as well as access to the development environment and related website hosting costs. While EITS offers a well rounded host of tools and features, additional specialized modules and enhancements may be purchased by your team at cost directly from Omni.

Migrating Your Site to Omni

Interested UGA colleges, units and departments may learn more about Omni and what EITS offers by contacting Robert Ethier in EITS at The EITS web team is available to learn about your unit’s needs and provide a presentation on Omni.

EITS Support

UGA colleges, units and departments using Omni are given a dedicated account on the CMS to manage. For each account, participating clients must name a top-level administrator, who will have access to create sites and manage users within their account. Top-level account administrators must also receive Omni training from EITS and adhere to appropriate policies.

EITS provides support for use of the Omni interface and hosting of web pages created and maintained through Omni. EITS also offers training for top-level administrators and new users on an ongoing basis.

However, EITS does not provide web site design and creation. Local databases, database services, and direct administrative or terminal access are also not available through this service.

Colleges, units and departments interested in Omni are encouraged to contact EITS for an overview and additional questions.

Sample Omni Websites

The following websites are currently maintained via the Omni Content Management System. In many cases, these sites and their content were migrated from an existing content management system into Omni by the users and administrators of those departments. The EITS website itself is also maintained via Omni.

Templates and Training Resources

EITS has developed three website templates to expedite the migration of content into the CMS. These templates address accessibility concerns, feature responsive design, and adhere to UGA brand guidelines. These templates are available for use by colleges, units, and departments participating in the Omni pilot program. Mock websites featuring these templates can be viewed by accessing the links below.

For units interested in developing their own Omni templates, EITS offers template development training for a designated internal developer or UGA approved external vendor.

EITS have also developed corresponding installation and training guides that address the setup and use of features that are unique to each template. These guides serve as a compliment to EITS led training and supervision of an Omni site setup. Please note that these guides require a UGA MyID to access.

Template 1 Template 2 Template 3
Demo Website Demo Website Demo Website
Training Guide Training Guide Training Guide
Installation Guide Installation Guide Installation Guide