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The University of Georgia offers Qualtrics — a web-based survey tool that makes it easy for students, faculty and staff to design, implement and evaluate survey results.

Qualtrics is free for all UGA students, faculty and staff, but users must contact the EITS Help Desk to request an account.

Faculty and staff who want to establish a Qualtrics account must contact their local departmental IT staff. If your department doesn't have its own IT department, you may contact the EITS Help Desk to establish a Qualtrics account.

Once created, users may access their UGA-branded Qualtrics account at For password help, contact the EITS Help Desk or your departmental IT staff.

As of June 12, 2017, do not include "www" in the URL to access your Qualtrics account. A URL with "" will work.

Qualtrics makes it possible for students, faculty and staff to create their own UGA-branded surveys, invite participants and review results. Users can choose from a library with  different question types, remind participants to take a survey and view reports in a variety of formats.

Surveys may be posted online or kept private among select recipients who don’t have to be affiliated with the University.

UGA has a campus-wide license for Qualtrics — thanks to a partnership with the Vice President for Information Technology and a number of units on campus.

Need a demo on how to use Qualtrics? The company offers several free training videos.

For additional technical support with Qualtrics, visit the EITS Help Desk or the Qualtrics Education Support Portal.