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Simpler/edu Reporting Tool

Simpler/edu is a data navigation and query tool that allows authorized employees to access University of Georgia financial data.

Data in Simpler/edu includes budget, accounting and payroll transactions and allows “drill-down” functionality on summary level transactions. For example, users can drill down on summary campus mail or payroll transactions and receive the underlying details.

Simpler/edu is available to UGA employees, who must submit a request for access.

The process to request access requires users to have Restricted VPN access and visit Please note that visitors must be on the Restricted Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access this site.

To obtain access, users must have approval from their supervisor and their department’s chief financial officer. The process to grant access to the system is outlined on the Simpler/edu website.

A quick start guide with instructions for authorized users is also available on the website.

Users may also request additional data elements be added to Simpler/edu. To do so, submit a request on the Simpler/edu website for review and resolution by the Simpler Steering Committee.