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Changes made to UGAMail log-in page

UGA students, faculty and staff who have the same email address for their work/school and personal Microsoft accounts may be prompted to select one of these options when they attempt to log in to their UGAMail via the log-in page (

To log in to your UGAMail, pick work/school account. Then, log-in. Learn more.

U G A Mail login page with additional prompts

Information & Announcements

Trouble Logging In? If you can access other MyID services but cannot access UGAMail, you may need to set up your secret questions on the MyID website.

Email Client Setup: Use Microsoft Outlook, Mac Mail, a cell phone, and more to check your UGAMail. Setting Up an Email Client

Never email a password or other sensitive information to messages that ask for such information. If you think you have sent sensitive information to a phishing scam, change your MyID password immediately at the MyID home page. For more details about phishing, see Phishing Awareness at UGA. If you must email or store sensitive information for an official reason, University of Georgia policy requires that it must be encrypted.