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Apple Store - Institutional Purchases

Apple Store - Institutional Purchases

Statewide Contract Number: S000546-042

UGA departments may purchase products from Apple, Inc. at discounted rates. To utilize this contract, all orders should be placed using the site below via p-card (for non-inventoried purchases) or via purchase request.


Departments are reminded that Software Resource & Services (SRS) should be the primary source for institutional software purchases. Please always attempt to purchase software from SRS first, and only seek an outside vendor if SRS cannot meet your needs. Products offered by SRS.


Departments are reminded that CESS approval is required for any IT project totaling $10,000 or more. Information regarding CESS approval.

To Submit a Purchase Request:

  1. Click on the Apple Store link. You will be prompted to ender your UGA MyID and password. This authentication is necessary because you will have access to special pricing offered to the University of Georgia for institutional purchases.
  2. Shop the site and make your product selections. Once you have created a shopping cart, save your cart as a web proposal.
  3. Generate a purchase request in the electronic purchasing system or by typing a hard copy purchase request. Please list each item that you would like purchased and include your web proposal number.


  • Full product specifications are not required. Products names & part numbers are sufficient.
  • Web Proposals do not need to be emailed or faxed to the Procurement Office. Please make sure to include your proposal number on your purchase request.
  • Please reference only one quote per purchase request

For further assistance:

Customer Support
Debbie Medina
Inside Account Manager
Phone: 800-800-2775, opt 1, ext 46552
Direct Phone: 512-674-6552
Fax: 866-261-4104

UGA Buyer
Deanna Wang
Phone: 706-542-7115
Fax: 706-542-7035


UGA Custom Apple Store - Institutional Purchases

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