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Access Services

Access Services


Access Request - Important Information

Access to the mainframe will be removed June 30, 2019.

New mainframe access requests will no longer be granted after April 30, 2019.

Effective July 1, 2018, UGA will transition to the UGA Financial Management System as part of the OneSource Project.    UGA will transition to the OneUSG Connect Human Capital Management System (HCM) on December 16, 2018.

Access Request to the legacy systems:

Access request to legacy systems should be limited since these systems will be replaced in FY19 with the new UGA Financial Management System and OneUSG Connect Human Capital Management System (HCM).

For additional information, visit Access Request Information.

Access Services Support Enhancements

Access Services is organized into these two areas:

  • Student Information Services
  • Administrative Information Systems

Individuals contacting Access Services by phone are able to select from these options:

  1. Student Information Services support
  2. Administrative Information Systems support
  3. EITS Help Desk (if you are unsure which area should handle your issue)

Based on the support requested, individuals will be connected with staff specifically focused on student information services or administrative information systems.

Contact Access Services by email or view the support page for additional information.

Who We Are

Access Services is a unit within EITS whose function is to facilitate Campus Wide Access (CWA) to the University administrative systems developed for the VP for Finance and Administration and the VP for Student Affairs.

IMS (Information Management System), QMF (Query Management Facility) and ARROW (Administrative Report Retrieval Over the Web), are used to display or retrieve data. CWA includes all the colleges on the Athens campus and other sites around the state in the University System of Georgia.

System access is coordinated through data custodians, individuals who represent each of the administrative areas being accessed. Secure access to this data is maintained through client education, data custodian procedures and user identification (UserID) controls.

Access to these administrative data systems is granted on a "need to know" basis related to an employee's responsibilities within his/her department at the University. Termination from the University results in deletion of that access. Transfer between departments includes deletion of an employee's data access for the old department and creation of access to accommodate the responsibilities being assumed in the new department.

When an employee terminates, the home department should request to Access Services that access to all University and departmental computing systems be revoked.