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Access to UGA Identity Management, Portal services and the student information system, as well as Information Security programs and policies.

CAS is the service that requires users to provide their MyID and password to access many UGA-provided websites. CAS is a tool to authenticate users when logging in to a site.

A new single-sign-on authentication service, called UGA SSO, will be available July 20, 2019. This new authentication service for UGA-provided websites will eventually replace other authentication services, including the Central Authentication Service (CAS), Lightweight Directory Service (LDP) and Identity Provider (IDP).

  • UGA Portal

    The UGA portal is a single web location (or address) which provides access to the web-based services and information most important to you.

  • Office of Information Security

    The Office of Information Security manages security policies and awareness, administers security tools and technology, and responds to computer security incidents at The University of Georgia.

  • Access Services

    Access Services is a unit within the Operations and Infrastructure Systems Group, whose function is to facilitate Campus Wide Access (CWA) to the University administrative systems developed for the VP for Finance and Administration and the VP for Student Affairs

  • Athena

    Athena is the student information system that includes class registration, financial aid, student records and more

  • Protect Your Computer

    All computers connected to the UGA network are required to have anti-virus software in addition to other safeguards such as anti-spyware capabilities, software firewall, and update-to-date security patches.

  • Usage Policies

    The Office of Information Security maintains several policies related to the use of computers and information at the University of Georgia.

  • Identity Federation

    Identity Federation is a single sign-on service that makes it easier for UGA students, faculty and staff to access online resources that require authentication with approved partners outside of the University. By using Identity Federation with approved partners, UGA users can use their MyID and password to authenticate to non-UGA websites.