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A new single-sign-on authentication service, called UGA SSO, will be available July 20, 2019.

uga sso

This new environment provides improved authentication connections, better security, and the ability to use two-factor authentication to access web applications.

All UGA web applications using the legacy versions of University’s authentication service will be required to transition to UGA SSO. This includes applications using the Central Authentication Service (CAS), Lightweight Directory Service (LDP) and Identity Provider (IDP).

Departments must complete this transition by March 6, 2020.

Once an application has completed the transition to UGA SSO, the log-in page will change from Central Authentication Service (CAS) to UGA SSO. 

Between July 20, 2019 and March 6, 2020, you may see the CAS log-in page or the UGA SSO log-in page when you access a UGA application. Both log-in pages should have a lock in the address bar, meaning they are secure, valid sites. 

Timeline for Transitioning Applications

July 20: UGA SSO available for transitioning applications. EITS will no longer set up new applications on older authentication services (CAS, LDS, IDP)

November 1: Deadline for application owners to submit requests for test accounts to EITS

December 2: Deadline for application owners to submit SSO integration requests. You must submit by this deadline to meet the March 6, 2020 deadline for moving your application. 

January 3, 2020: All application owners must have working solutions in dev for UGA SSO

February 3, 2020: All application owners must have working solutions in stage for UGA SSO

March 6, 2020: All applications must be moved to UGA SSO

For more information on how to transition an application to UGA SSO, please visit our Moving to UGA SSO page.

Edited: 1/22/20