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UGA’s instance of has transitioned to LinkedIn Learning. In light of the change, there are some points of interest that users should be aware.  

  • The login process will not change with the transition and you will still log in by visiting 
  • You will still be able to access all your playlists, watched videos and other content from on LinkedIn Learning. 
  • Faculty and Staff who have integrated content into their curriculum will need to change links to reflect the new URLs associated with LinkedIn Learning. 
  • Connecting you LinkedIn profile with your LinkedIn Learning profile may be prompted at your initial login. This feature is optional. 

 If you experience any technical difficulties there are troubleshoots available from LinkedIn Learning via their customer Help Center.


Students, Faculty and Staff

Frequently Asked Questions:

The UGA transition is projected to take place August 5. We will provide more information as it becomes available.

No. It’s the same CAS login with a different branding name on the page. 

  • The new platform will allow for LinkedIn integration; this means that your course work and certificates will be added to your profile upon completion. This feature is optional and is accessed through individual profiles.
No. LinkedIn Learning has begun promoting this transition through various media channels including direct email with active users. If you are contacted this is to be expected. However if you have any questions, please send an email to For more information visit
For Faculty and Staff that have stored deep links to content on, you will need to change your links to reflect the new URLs associated with LinkedIn Learning.
LinkedIn provides an integration option for LinkedIn members. This is an optional feature; it is not automatic.
The LinkedIn Learning platform offers a one to one transition between content and LinkedIn Learning content. Following the transition, when you login you should see all the old playlists and content you have interacted with prior to the transition.