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Dialing Instructions for Campus Telephones

NOTE: Long Distance Authorization Codes are no longer required when making a long distance call on the Athens campus. However, long distance usage is reviewed by Telephone Services and the departmental telephone representatives.
  • On campus – for a telephone number 706-542-6067, dial 2-6067
  • Off campus – dial a 9 and then the area code and local telephone number
  • Long Distance – dial 9 and 1 and then the area code and number
  • International Long Distance – dial 9 then 011 and then the country code, city code, and local telephone number

Common Commands for Campus Telephones

  • Call Forwarding – for sending calls to a specified number for a period of time
    • Activate by dialing *2 followed by the 5-digit extension number that you are forwarding to
    • Cancel by dialing #2
  • Send All Calls – for automatically starting calls along your call coverage path when you are away from the office
    • Activate by dialing *3
    • Cancel by dialing #3
  • Call Pickup – for answering a call to another group member’s set on your own set
    • Dial #4 to pickup the call
  • Transferring Calls – for sending an answered call to another person
    • Press the transfer button (or the flash button if you don’t have a transfer button)
    • Listen for dial tone
    • Dial the extension or outside phone number you wish to transfer to
    • Let the phone ring once and then...
      • the transfer or flash button again to complete a cold transfer.
      • to the person you are transferring to before pressing the transfer or flash button to complete a warm transfer