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Wireless Network

Get the Most Out of Wireless in Housing

If you’re on campus in University Housing, especially in the high-rise residence halls, there are steps you can take to improve your access to the Internet.

Instructions on connecting your wireless and wired devices in the residence halls are available at

Don’t use personal wireless routers

Personal routers cause significant interference with UGA’s wireless network. Personal wireless routers (such as WiFi-enabled printers and cell phone mobile hotspots) create issues with accessing the PAWS-Secure wireless network for yourself and people around you. Also, there is a security risk for people who connect a personal wireless router to UGA’s wireless network.

People using a personal wireless router will be asked to remove it from the network. This also applies to people using their cell phones as a mobile hotspot (tethering).

Disable the network created by a wireless printer

You may not be aware that a wireless printer can act as a wireless router and or access point and may interfere with UGA’s wireless network. To avoid this, you can:

  • Disable your printer’s “Direct Print” feature and connect your printer to your computer via a USB cable. You will need to visit the manufacturer’s support page for your printer to get instructions on how to disable this feature.
  • Use one of the more than 40 print kiosks on campus, instead of a wireless printer.

Limit the use of other devices that interfere with the wireless network

Cordless phones, microwaves, game console controllers, and Bluetooth-enabled devices (such as keyboards, mice and headsets) may interfere with UGA’s wireless network. When these devices are in use, be aware of potential interference.

Smart home devices such as Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple HomePod and Hue lightbulbs are unable to connect to campus wireless networks. 

When possible, use a wired connection with your device

To ensure a continuous connection to the Internet, especially when working on class-related studies, use an Ethernet cable to connect your laptop to the network. Ethernet cables are typically less than $10 at major retailers.

All rooms in undergraduate residence halls have a port on the wall to plug in your cable for Internet access. You can also connect your game console, printer and TV to the wired Ethernet wall jack in your room.

You can find detailed instructions in our Internet Connection Guide.

Contact the EITS Help Desk

By calling the EITS Help Desk (706-542-3106) about any issues with the PAWS-Secure wireless network, you help us identify potential problem areas for our technical teams to address.