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Getting Connected in University Housing

University Housing offers wireless and wired services for its residents in each building. 

These instructions outline how residents may receive these services in University Housing at the University of Georgia.

Wireless Connections

To connect your mobile device or computer to a wireless network, select the PAWS-Secure wireless network on your devices.

To connect to PAWS-Secure, go to Settings on your device and select wireless networks. Select PAWS-Secure, and type your MyID and password.

You can find complete instructions for connecting the campus wireless networks, including PAWS-Secure, eduroam and guest wifi, visit our Wireless Network guides on the EITS Help Desk Knowledge Base.

Personal wireless routers and wireless printers interfere with PAWS-Secure, which creates connectivity issues for everyone around you. People using personal routers or wireless printers will be asked to remove it from the network.

The wireless network does not support smart home devices, such as Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple HomePod, or Hue Lightbulbs, or wireless TVs. 

Wired Connections

All of the residence halls have Ethernet connections; examples of the types of Ethernet ports in the rooms are pictured here.

cisco box          housing ports

ports          Aruba wireless box

You must provide your own Ethernet cable to connect to the wired network.  You can find these in most stores that sell electronics.  We recommend a CAT 5, CAT 5e or CAT 6 cable. 

How to connect to the wired network

Note: Russell Hall residents must have their ports activated before connecting. To activate a port, submit a request to EITS. Once the port has been activated, you may plug in your devices to receive Internet service.

1) Plug your Ethernet cable into the port and your device.

2) Open a web browser on your device and register it on the Device Registration Portal in order to access the Internet.

You can find more information in our Wired Connections Guide on the EITS Help Desk Knowledge Base.

Devices Banned in University Housing

Some devices can cause significant interference with UGA’s wireless networks and diminish wireless performance for you and your neighbors.

For the best wireless performance, don’t use banned devices, including, but not limited to:

  • Wireless networking devices, including personal wireless routers
  • Cell phone mobile hotspots
  • Wireless printers
  • Smart home devices
  • Wireless TVs

If you are found to be using any of these devices in University Housing, you will be asked to remove it from UGA’s network.

Connecting Your Smart TV or Gaming Console

Before you can use a smart TV or game console in your room, or connect your laptop to a wired connection, you will have to register your device with the UGA wired network. You must be connected via an CAT 5, CAT 5e or CAT 6 Ethernet cable to register your device.

To register a game console or other devices without a web browser, visit our Wired Connections Guide on the EITS Help Desk Knowledge Base.

Step-by-Step Setup

  1. Connect your device to the Internet and open a web browser. If your device does not have a web browser, skip to step 3.
  2. In your web browser, you should automatically be directed to the UGA network registration page. If so, accept the terms and begin the registration process by providing your UGA MyID. If you are not, in the web browser bar, type and follow the instructions to register your device.
  3. If your device does not have a web browser or you cannot register at, call the EITS Help Desk at 706-542-3106 for assistance.