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Cost Recovery Services

Document Management (NolijWeb/Content7) Service Details

Centralized, hosted document management through Nolij Web and Content 7 will provide the following benefits:

  • Commitment to annual license renewals will offer UGA continued access to system upgrades
  • A central, secure, standards-based document management repository
  • Web-based access to this repository
  • Integration with our central administrative and student information systems
  • Network- authenticated and credential-based access to this repository
  • Reduced risk and exposure to sensitive and restricted information

EITS Responsibilities

EITS is accountable for central application hosting activities which include the following responsibilities:

  • Assign a primary support contact through Enterprise Information Technology Services (EITS)
  • Manage the overall institutional structure within the document management systems
  • Manage initial administrative users
  • Create a master database query to get pertinent folder-related data when needed
  • Manage initial system-level document types to be stored within the department instance (such as PDF, DOCS, EML, etc.)
  • Provide baseline training and setup documentation for departmental administrators
  • Provide institutional and other client-requested system administration functions
  • Assist with any required match/merge or document owner transfers between departments
  • Appropriate allocation of concurrent licenses in collaboration with departmental administrators
  • Manage purchasing process for maintaining an appropriate quantity of allocated licenses
  • Provide backup and recovery services for the database and document repository within the scope of the institution’s Business Continuity Planning (BCP)
  • Assist with setup of document import methods, including scanners, email integration, and automatic document import via file transfer

Client Responsibilities

The Client is responsible for the creation and management of all tasks that create and sustain departmental scans/ stores / retrievals setup which normally includes:

  • Budgetary compensation
  • Identify and communicate a primary departmental support contact to EITS
  • Perform initial investigation into issues reported by end users
  • Escalate reported issues to EITS as necessary (please see Incident Reporting and Escalation section below)
  • Create and manage all departmental users (such as permissions, access, etc.)
  • Create and manage all custom document types (such as transcripts, test scores, etc.) that are indexed for retrieval
  • Create and maintain all queries to enable document access by end users where needed in NolijWeb
  • Create any and all batch folders that store documents
  • Create and support all input methods (such as scanners, email integration, upload processes, etc.)
  • Create and maintain any desired document workflows
  • Create and maintain any desired data forms
  • Maintain any supplemental department databases required for additional workflow and/or form functions

Content Migration

EITS Responsibilities

EITS will work with clients to facilitate the migration of documents, forms, and workflows from Nolij Web to Content 7, providing as close to equivalent functionality as allowed by differences between the two systems.

  • Migrate documents from the Nolij Web database to the Content database.
  • Set up the client department in Content as it was in Nolij Web, unless changed by client.
  • Provide training to users and department administrators on Content.
  • Provide Subject Matter Expert on the similarities and differences between Nolij Web and Content.
  • Support client testing and design.

Client Responsibilities

Clients are to provide personnel and time to support the EITS driven migration from Nolij Web to Content.

  • Provide a Point of Contact during the migration that has a solid understanding of current business practices.
  • Provide testers for after the migration to ensure no data loss and that new system is working as necessary.
  • Provide time for when testing will be done.
  • If necessary make changes to business practices.

Document Management Contact Information

Tier 1: Client Designated IT Contact
Tier 2: EITS Help Desk ( – (706)542-3106
Tier 3: Hunt Stanley, Document Management Administrator, (706)542-3856,
Tier 4: David Crouch, IT Director of Web and Mobile Technology – (706)542-8843,

The client will provide an after-hours contact for issues requiring their involvement.

Updated: 11/29/2018