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Printing Kiosks

Print Kiosks

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No space in your dorm room for a printer? Forget to print a class assignment? Run out of ink in your personal printer? 

Use wepa print kiosks, the University of Georgia's cloud-based printing service for students!

The easy-to-use kiosks provide students with affordable printing options in more than 30 locations across the University of Georgia campus.

How do I use a print kiosk?

Users have four options to send their documents to wepa before printing at a kiosk.

  • Upload their document(s) from their computer to wepa's website;
  • Download wepa's print driver software on their computer and use it to upload documents to the wepa cloud.
  • Install the wepa Android or Apple mobile app on their smartphone to upload their documents to the wepa cloud.
  • Store their documents on a USB flash drive to use at a kiosk.

Print jobs can be stored in the wepa cloud for 96 hours. Students can print documents stored in the wepa cloud at any print kiosk.

How much does it cost to print?

Students may use Bulldog Bucks, a credit/debit card or funds deposited into a wepa account to pay for printing.

The cost is $0.06 for black and white prints per a page, and $0.50 for color prints per a page. A $0.20 surcharge will apply for each transaction paid with a credit/debit card. The additional surcharge can be avoided by paying with Bulldog Bucks or a wepa account that has been deposited with at least $5.

Where can I find a print kiosk?

Print kiosks are located throughout the UGA main campus, Health Sciences Campus (HSC) and the Gwinnett campus. The wepa kiosks are clearly marked with "Print Here" and the UGA Arch on the panels.

You can find the locations of all the kiosks on the campus map in the UGA Mobile App

The print kiosk locations are:

  • Main Library, near reference desk
  • Main Library, first floor, south side, near room 119A (wheelchair accessible)
  • Main Library, fourth floor
  • Science Library, near reference desk
  • Law Library, printing room (two print kiosks, including one wheelchair accessible)
  • Law Library Annex-A210
  • Veterinary Science Reading Room, entrance
  • Joe Frank Harris Commons, main lobby
  • Snelling Dining Hall, main lobby
  • Oglethorpe Dining Hall, main lobby
  • Bolton Dining Hall, main lobby
  • Health Science Campus, Russell Hall, second floor
  • Ramsey Student Center, second floor, near room 213
  • Dawson Hall, first floor, near entrance from parking lot
  • Dawson Hall, second floor, near room 200
  • Biological Sciences, fourth floor, near room 404E
  • Park Hall, first floor, elevator lobby
  • Psychology, first floor, Baldwin Street lobby
  • Lamar Dodd School of Art, second floor student lounge
  • Department of Chemistry, Chemistry Learning Center (CLC), sixth floor
  • Gwinnett campus, first floor, room 128
  • Moore College, room 310 (computer lab)
  • Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Building 3081, room 1912
  • Carnegie Library, Health Sciences Campus
  • Science Learning Center, first floor central lobby
  • Science Learning Center, second floor central lobby (wheelchair accessible)
  • Science Learning Center, third floor central lobby

The Miller Learning Center (MLC) features a number of print kiosks, which are available in lieu of consumer printers typically seen in computer labs. 

  • First floor, near room 147
  • Second floor, across from Jittery Joe's
  • Second floor, near room 251
  • Third floor, in the 3 East wing
  • Third floor, in the 3 West wing
  • Third floor, in 3 Central (wheelchair accessible)
  • Fourth floor, in the 4 East wing
  • Fourth floor, in the 4 West wing

Print at any wepa print station at the University of Georgia and other locations. Find additional wepa print stations.

More information

UGA installed wepa print kiosks based on student feedback. The wepa print kiosks are funded by the Student Technology Fee.

For more information about the print kiosks, visit the wepa website. For technical questions or assistance with the print kiosks, email wepa or give them a call at 800-675-7639. For additional questions about the print kiosks at UGA, see the EITS Help Desk wepa page.

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