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App Features

The UGA Mobile App offers a variety of features and functions to help its users navigate their daily life on and off campus.



The UGA Mobile App home screen with the Transportation/Navigation folder open.


Learn about and navigate campus using modules such as UGA and Athens bus transportation, campus facilities, parking information, and more.

The UGA Mobile App home screen with the Learning Resources folder open.

Learning Resources

Students can visit this folder to access their University academic applications such as DegreeWorks and Athena.

The UGA Mobile App home screen with the Campus Resources folder open.

Campus Resources

This folder will help you find different resources the University offers regarding the dining facilities, safety around campus, housing, and much more.

The UGA Mobile App home screen with the Well-being folder open.


Open up the well-being folder to access emergency phone numbers and links to well-being websites.

The UGA Mobile App home screen with the Well-being folder open.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are used to deliver useful information to mobile app users, such as local and UGA emergencies, severe weather alerts, and class registration reminders. Users can enable or disable their notifications, as well as “opt-in” to various notification channels to make for a more customizable experience.


Users have the ability to add their eight most used modules. They will show up under the “Favorites,” located at the top of the Home Screen.


Recently Used

The mobile app will automatically save the user’s eight most recently used modules. They will show up under “Recently Used,” located at the bottom of the Home Screen.



Learn about specific modules by category:


  • Map & Directions
    • Interactive UGA campus map with bus routes and notable locations
  • UGA Bus
    • Bus tracking system with directions, bus stops, and bus routes 
  • Athens Transit
    • Athens map with Athens Transit bus routes and stops
  • Deck Check
    • Resource for checking parking deck availability on the main UGA campus
  • Parking
    • List of parking decks on the main UGA campus and lots with their enforcement hours and permit requirements
  • Bike Share
    • Link to the Bulldog Bike Share website which offers an easy way to travel around campus

  • UGAMail
    • Link to Outlook for personal access to UGAMail account 
  • Athena
    • Link to login to Athena website  
  • eLC
    • Link to login to eLC website
  • SAGE
    • Link to login to SAGE website
  • Academic Checklist
    • Link to the academic calender in Penji - UGA's Peer Tutoring Platform
  • DegreeWorks
    • Link to login to DegreeWorks website
  • eLC Pulse
    • Link to download or login to Brightspace Pulse website
  • Tutoring
    • Link to DAE website for Peer Tutoring information and resources
  • Textbook Finder
    • Link to the bookstore website
  • Dawg Source
    • Link to the official Dawg Source website, which is UGA’s one-stop resource for direct access to important resources across campus
  • Welcome UGA
    • Link to the academic calender in Penji - UGA's Peer Tutoring Platform
  • UGA Safe
    • Link to download or open the UGA Safe app which is the official safety app of the University of Georgia
  • Student Resources
    • Link to website with all of UGA’s campus and student resources
  • Links
    • Access to helpful links for campus opportunities and resources 
  • Dining Check
    • List of campus dining options with current capacity and hours of operation
  • Build Your Plate
    • Link to all the dining hall's daily menus and nutrition information
  • Meal Plan Balances
    • Link to UGA Dining Services website to check meal plan balance 
  • Study Room Locator
    • Students will be directed to view a library website for both mlc and the main library which shows group study room occupancy
  • OneUSG Connect
    • Link to log in to OneUSG Connect
  • Student Housing
    • Link to view the UGA student housing website
  • Emergency Care
    • List of local (Athens) and national emergency phone numbers
  • Well-being Resources
    • Links to the Health Center, Mental Wellness website, Sexual Assault resources, and general wellness resources