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Query Tables for Equipment Inventory

Table Name  (Owner.Name) Content
QUERY.EQP_COMPONENTS Components:  Inventory Number, Account Number, Transaction Code, Component Description, Serial Number, Value, Location, Include Date
QUERY.EQP_DEPRECIATION Components:  Inventory Number, Useful Life/Depreciation Information
QUERY.EQP_ITEMS Items:  Inventory Number, Account Number, Building Number, Building Name, Location, Year Acquired, Current Value, Item Description, Source Code, Source Description, Decal Flag, Acquisition Code, Acquisition Description, Owners Flag, Delete Code, Delete Status, Year-to-Date Transactions, Purchase Order Number, Physical Inventory Month, Expanded Commodity Code, Original Value, Serial Number, Component Flag, Accounts Payable Check Number, Commodity Code, Commodity Description, Date of Last Update, Department Number, Department Name, Room Number, Date Scanned for Inventory, Acquisition Date, Manufacturer Name, Expiration Date
QUERY.EQP_MULTI_OWNERS Multiple Owners:  Inventory Number, Inventory Account Number, Transaction Code, Funding Account Number, Adjustment Code, Amount, Include Date