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MyID Tools and Information

MyID Password Management


What is a MyID?

The UGA MyID is the sign-on name that students, faculty, and staff use to access a wide range of online services at UGA. Each MyID has a password associated with it that needs to be supplied when accessing these services.

For new students and employees, additional information about your MyID is available on the EITS Help Desk site. 

What is a MyID Profile?

The MyID Profile is a self-service application that allows you to:

  • Change your password yourself if you forget it
  • Receive a passcode on your verified mobile phone or non-UGAMail address

The MyID Profile is a brief, two-step process that includes:

  • Setting up your secret questions
  • Setting up your verification option via a mobile phone, non-UGAMail address or secret questions

How can I change my password?

You can login to the MyID Profile management application if you know your current UGA MyID password and want to change it.

What if I forgot my password and I haven't set up a MyID Profile?

You can call the EITS Help Desk at 706-542-3106. They can give you a passcode that can be entered into the forgot your password page.

What’s a passcode? 

  • A passcode is a one-time, six-digit code that can be sent to your verified mobile phone or non-UGAMail address in the event that you forgot your password and want to use the self-service tools to reset it.
  • Once you’ve received your passcode, you must use it within 10 minutes or it will expire.

How do I set up my secret questions?

This is step one in creating your MyID Profile and is available in the Manage Profile section of the MyID Profile Management Application.

How does changing my UGAMail address work?

You can change your UGAMail address name through the MyID Profile Management website.

  • This UGAMail address can be different from your MyID name.
  • You must still use your MyID name and to login to UGAMail (ex:
  • Even if your MyID and UGAMail address are different, you will still use your MyID password to log in to UGAMail.

Can I change my MyID? 

In order to increase the security of your login credentials, MyIDs cannot be changed. However, you can change your UGAMail email address in the MyID Profile management application.

How do I get a departmental MyID?

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