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Departmental MyIDs

Departmental MyIDs are created for use by departments, colleges and units. These accounts are typically used to establish a central email address for a college, department or unit to run automated processes.

Departmental MyIDs:

  • Must have a UGA sponsor/account owner who is classified by central HR as a current full-time faculty or staff member.
  • Must have an account name between 3-20 lowercase alphanumeric characters. 
    • The starting character cannot be a number.
    • The only special character allowed is a hyphen (-).
  • Must have an account name that reflects the purpose of the account.
  • Should not be used for personal use.
  • Should conform to UGA's Information Security Policies, Standards and Guidelines for usage.

More information on Security Policies and Account Management Standards may be found here


Departmental MyID Verification Process

EITS conducts an annual verification of all Departmental MyIDs.

This verification ensures all Departmental MyIDs have a current account owner who is classified by central HR as a full-time faculty or staff member. This verification also ensures other important information connected to the Departmental MyID is still correct. 

EITS will notify all Departmental MyID account owners once a year, asking them to complete the verification process. All Departmental MyID account owners must complete this process, even if the MyID was requested for longer than a year. If the account verification process is not completed, EITS will disable those unclaimed accounts.

In addition, a review of the current use of the Departmental MyID will be conducted to ensure the account is being used within the scope of permissibility for Departmental MyIDs.

For more information, visit the Departmental MyID account verification FAQ page