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Argos upgrade scheduled for June 10

Monday, May 16, 2016

Argos, the reporting tool for Banner at the University of Georgia, will be upgraded on June 10 to provide additional security features.

Authorized users of Argos may need to install a new launcher, depending on how they access the system.

There are two ways to view reports in Argos. They are via:

  • Argos Web Viewer
  • Argos Client

If you are viewing Argos reports via the Web Viewer, you do not need to take action.

If you are viewing Argos reports via the Client, you will need to install a new launcher. If you edit or create reports and/or data blocks you must use the Argos Client launcher.

The new launcher is now available for you to install. However, it requires administrator rights to install. Please contact your unit’s IT professional for assistance. The IT professional in affected units will be advised on how to install the new launcher.

An example of the difference (PDF) between the Argos Web Viewer and the Argos Client is available for users to view. 

The new launcher may be installed now. If the launcher is not installed by June 10, you will not be able to access Argos after the upgrade.

Users will notice visual changes to Argos after the upgrade is completed on June 10.

Argos may only be accessed by authorized users.