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EITS offering People Skills, phishing training sessions

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What’s your preferred behavior style? Or, better yet — what’s your co-worker’s behavior style and how do you collaborate in the workplace?

Enterprise Information Technology Services (EITS) has implemented the People Skills program, which has been completed by all employees in the central IT department at the University of Georgia.

Two EITS employees — Patrick Wagman and Stacy Boyles — are certified People Skills instructors who train new employees, offer refresher courses and facilitate team building sessions using People Skills concepts.

EITS is hosting a People Skills training course that is open to all UGA employees on Tuesday and Wednesday, June 18-19, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., at the Training and Development Center. The cost is $150 per a person.

For more information, contact Patrick Wagman at or 706-542-5694. 

About People Skills

People Skills allows individuals to develop an increased awareness of the impact that their behavior has on others, enabling them to strengthen relationships, improve communications, and modify their behavior in order to better work with and understand others.

People Skills is a foundational development program that helps build productive organizations. The program increases awareness of your preferred style of behavior, or “behavior style,” which is perceived by others and impacts them in a positive or negative way.

People Skills also increases awareness of how we see others. By observing the behavior of others, individuals can learn to recognize distinctive traits of a specific behavior style and modify their behavior towards that style accordingly.

When people implement these behavior modifications and meet each other’s behavior style needs, organizations have better access to the talents, skills and expertise of others. This builds trust and respect, allowing for better communication and collaboration throughout individual, team and organizational relationships.

Learn the Basics About Phishing

Clueless about phishing attacks or how to protect your personal data from such scams?

Then learn the common types of phishing attacks and how to identify scams in this introductory course, “Phishing: Hook, line and Sinker.”

Laura Heilman from the University’s Information Security Office will give attendees an overview of phishing and why they should be concerned.

The free class will be offered on Thursday, May 16, from 9-10:30 a.m., at the University’s Training and Development Center.

Registration is open for the class.