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Inactive listservs to be deleted March 31

Monday, March 13, 2017

In an effort to clean up out-of-date email listservs, EITS will delete inactive UGA listservs on March 31.

A listserv is considered inactive if there has not been a posting in the past two years. Listserv owners will be notified if the listserv they maintain has been labeled inactive and scheduled for deletion.

Once deleted, these listservs and their archives will no longer be accessible to list owners or list subscribers.

Listserv owners who wish to keep their listserv active should send a posting to the listserv email address before March 31. This will label the list as active again and remove it from the group scheduled for deletion.

Listserv owners who wish to download archives of their listserv postings can find instructions for doing so at .

Listserv owners with questions about this process can contact Keith Martin at