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Stronger anti-phishing filter coming to UGAMail

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

UGA students, faculty and staff may see fewer phishing and spam emails in their UGAMail inboxes.

A stronger anti-phishing filter will be put in place in UGAMail in late September. The filter is being implemented by Microsoft, which powers UGAMail and other Office 365 services at UGA.

The filter should help reduce the number of spam and phishing emails appearing in your inbox. Thousands of phishing emails are reported to the EITS Help Desk every semester.

With this stricter filter, some legitimate emails may end up in your junk mail folder. Check your junk mail folder on a regular basis to ensure you aren’t missing important emails. If you notice a legitimate email in your junk mail folder, you can mark it as “not junk.”

 Marking email not junk

If you notice legitimate emails continuing to go to your junk mail folder on a regular basis, contact the EITS Help Desk at