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Information on MyIDs for Youth Program Participants

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

During the summer, colleges and departments throughout the University coordinate various camps for visitors, typically for students in K-12 schools. In the past, a limited number of these visitors were granted the ability to receive MyIDs through their program coordinators.

Effective May 23, 2017, MyIDs for visitors will no longer be available from EITS. Guest access to UGA’s wireless networks for these individuals will continue to be available.

MyIDs are intended for UGA students, faculty and staff. A MyID gives an individual access to many UGA web services and the campus network, most of which are not licensed for use by individuals other than University students, faculty, and staff. A guest for a summer camp typically does not need this type of access to these types of technology services.

Please be aware that summer camp guests may not be able to log in to some computer labs, which may require a MyID. UGA colleges and departments are encouraged to consider other avenues for providing such access, if needed.

Many guests want access to UGA’s guest wireless networks, which has mechanisms in place to limit web browsing and visitor access to UGA web-based services. Summer camp guests will continue to have access to UGA’s guest wireless network. Information on how to request access is available at

Summer camps may be organized by program coordinators, graduate students, or interest-specific groups within colleges and units. For reference, programs and activities serving minors tied to the University of Georgia are required to follow policies and procedures that align with University System of Georgia policy. 

We appreciate your understanding to ensuring UGA’s IT resources are secure and reliable for UGA students, faculty and staff.