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Wireless improvements coming to campus outdoor areas

Monday, March 8, 2021

EITS is in the planning stages to improve the wireless performance in several outdoor areas in north and central campus, making it easier for students, faculty and staff to work and study outdoors.

The $417K project, funded by the Student Technology Fee, will include updates to the wireless infrastructure and access points servicing five outdoor areas: the Old College quad, the Main Library quad, Herty Field, the area in front of the Miller Learning Center and outdoor areas around Tate Student Center. 

EITS will start work in March, with plans to complete work on the Old College and Main Library quads by June; the remaining areas will be completed over the summer.

In addition, EITS Network Infrastructure is executing several network refreshes and redesigns in other campus buildings. Technicians have completed a network refresh and redesign on the Riverbend Research Lab North and South facilities, as well as the Veterinary Medical Center campus.

A complete wireless redesign and equipment refresh on the four Forestry Resources buildings should be finished in March. Staff are also working on an ongoing project to supplement wireless coverage in buildings to support demand. EITS performs these refreshes to replace aged and under-performing equipment, in turn providing a better end-user experience. These building refreshes and redesigns are funded by the Student Technology Fee, a fee that helps fund a variety of facilities and services on campus. To learn more about these projects, please contact Chris Fleming, .

This information was accurate and complete at the time of publication. Changes in circumstances after the time of publication may impact the accuracy of the information.