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Wireless network changes ahead for UGA

Friday, July 12, 2013

The University of Georgia will launch a new wireless network for guests on July 19, and is asking students, faculty and staff with a valid UGA MyID to exclusively use the existing PAWS-Secure for wireless access to the Internet.

“Most people using our wireless network are connected to PAWS-Secure, which we launched in 2011,” said Brian Rivers, associate CIO for University information security. “But, we want everyone with a valid UGA MyID to switch from PAWS to PAWS-Secure to provide additional security for all of their work and personal devices.”

PAWS-Secure encrypts data sent between a computer, phone or tablet connected to a wireless access point. PAWS-Secure, which requires just a one-time registration, is the preferred wireless network for UGA.

The University has also offered PAWS as a wireless network. PAWS will no longer be available after July 19. Anyone with a valid UGA MyID using PAWS is asked to switch to PAWS-Secure.

For people without a UGA MyID — such as campus visitors and vendors — a new wireless network, “Welcome to UGA,” will be available after July 19.

Most devices will automatically detect a wireless network and will ask people to select a preferred Wi-Fi network. Those with a valid UGA MyID are asked to select PAWS-Secure and people without a MyID are asked to pick “Welcome to UGA.”

First-time users of PAWS-Secure will be asked to provide their UGA MyID and password to access the encrypted wireless network. People without a MyID will be asked to contact the EITS Help Desk to receive a temporary guest account and password to access “Welcome to UGA.”

After July 19, PAWS will no longer be available as a wireless network. Those trying to connect to PAWS after July 19 will be asked to join another wireless network, such as PAWS-Secure or “Welcome to UGA.” Users are asked to remove PAWS from their list of preferred networks on their computers and mobile devices.

The wireless network changes on July 19 will also affect users at UGA’s extended campuses in Griffin, Buckhead and Gwinnett. At the Health Sciences Campus, MedPAWS will no longer be available. Those with a MyID are encouraged to use MedPAWS-Secure at the HSC.

For more information, contact the EITS Help Desk at 706-542-3106 or Additional information about the wireless networks is available at