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  • ArchPass two-step login 

    ArchPass, UGA's two-step login solution powered by Duo, is a more secure method to protect restricted data from theft and misuse. This extra layer of security minimizes the possibility of accessing restricted data by just using a shared, stolen or guessed password of an authorized user.

  • Remote Access VPN

    The Remote Access VPN ( is designed to allow Faculty and Staff to access the UGA campus network and computer resources securely and easily from remote locations and public networks.

  • SIEM

    The Office of Information Security uses this tool to send notices to DNLs when threats are detected. DNLs can use the SIEM to pro-actively monitor their networks for malicious activity.

  • DLP

    Use Data Loss Prevention (DLP) tools to detect and prevent potential data loss.

  • Penetration Testing

    DNLs can request a penetration test to evaluate the security of a computer system or network.

  • SendFiles

    Securely send files to anyone and stay in control of your data. SendFiles is also an ideal solution for sending large files that are too large to be sent as an email attachment.

  • provides comprehensive vulnerability management for large, complex IT environments.