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The UGA Office of Information Security conducts regular vulnerability scans on devices that are connected to the UGA network using Rapid 7's Nexpose.

Scheduled vulnerability scanning is available to any units on campus that want a more detailed picture of the security of their systems. Scans are customized for each unit and can be scheduled on a weekly or monthly basis. For detailed information, please view our Statement of Work below, or request a scan.

What is Nexpose?

Infosec has a license to provide vulnerability scans to campus using Rapid 7's Nexpose. This tool has a robust user interface, and can detect potential vulnerabilities in a wide array of applications and server environments. Each vulnerability includes remediation steps, potential impacts of remediation, severity of risk, and links to development information on the issue. This information is gathered in customized reports which are automatically mailed to you after each scan.

What benefit do vulnerability scans provide?

Scans spot critical security concerns before a compromise can damage a departments reputation. They provide details of what could go wrong, how time consuming fixing the problem could be, and the potential impact of ignoring the problem. Scans also demonstrate potential risk, which can be used for requesting additional funding or upgrading resources.

Nexpose Training