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ArchPass Duo to be required to use vLab

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Users of vLab, UGA’s virtual computer lab, will soon get an extra layer of security for their accounts.

Beginning May 5, students,faculty and staff accessing the vLab from non-lab devices will be required to log in with ArchPass Duo, UGA’s phone-based two-factor authentication service.  That includes personal laptops, phones, classroom podiums, iMac and Mac Pro machines at the Miller Learning Center, and computer work stations.

Most computers in labs at the Miller Learning Center and in University Housing will not require ArchPass Duo for vLab access.

“Two-factor authentication” means there will be two steps to the vLab log-in process:

1) Enter your MyID and password

2) Verify your ID with another method, such as a phone call, passcode or push notification to an ArchPass Duo-enrolled device.

Requiring ArchPass Duo to access vLab will provide an extra level of security for users and the campus network. The two-step login process makes it harder for cyber criminals to steal credentials and helps protect users’ personal information and the University’s data.

ArchPass Duo is already required to log in to UGA’s Remote Access VPN.

To begin using ArchPass Duo, students, faculty and staff can enroll via the Self- Service Portal on the ArchPass Duo website. The enrollment process takes less than five minutes.

Users can enroll a smartphone, cell phone, landline phone or tablet in ArchPass Duo. The enrolled device will be used to verify a user’s ID when they log in to vLab. Users can verify their ID with a phone call, SMS text message passcode or through the Duo app on a smartphone or tablet.

A video with instructions for enrolling in ArchPass Duo can be found on the EITS Help Desk YouTube channel.

For more information about ArchPass Duo, visit

Log-In Process with ArchPass Duo

1) Enter your MyID and password

vlab log in

2) Verify your ID with a device enrolled in ArchPass Duo. You can choose to verify with a push notification to the Duo App on your smartphone, a passcode generated by the Duo App, a phone call or a passcode sent by SMS text message. The push notification method is shown here.

ArchPass Duo portal

archpass duo push notice