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Qualtrics launches new user interface

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Qualtrics, a free survey platform available to students and employees at the University of Georgia, will soon launch a new interface to help users manage survey data and projects.

The new platform, called Insight, will feature a new layout and design, as well as many features to better integrate surveys, market research and customer and employee feedback.

The new Insight interface includes a new survey distribution page that allows users to select their method of delivery for a survey: through email, personal links, anonymous links, social media, a QR code or the Qualtrics app. The distribution page also offers trackable links and SMS texting.

The Insight interface also includes a new projects landing page and the ability to draw your signature with your mouse.

Currently, users can toggle between the new Insight interface and the old interface. Qualtrics has not set a date for when it will permanently switch to the new interface.

To view the Insight interface, log into Qualtrics and click on your profile in the upper right corner of the screen. Underneath your name you will see an option to “Experience the Qualtrics Insight Platform.” Clicking on this will change the look of the user interface and give you access to more features, but you should still be able to access all of your surveys.

For users interested in learning more about using the new platform, Qualtrics offers support documentation, including videos, webinars and printed materials, for users at UGA’s Training and Development office also occasionally offers Qualtrics training classes.

Qualtrics can be used for anonymous or personal surveys, advanced research with analytics, online course evaluations, employee exit interviews, employee reviews, student engagement, website feedback and more.

Qualtrics is free for all UGA students, faculty and staff, but users must contact the EITS Help Desk to request an account. Faculty and staff who want to establish a Qualtrics account must contact their local departmental IT staff. If your department doesn't have its own IT department, you may contact the EITS Help Desk to establish a Qualtrics account.

For more information about Qualtrics or to log in to your account, visit


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