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JMP Site License

All University of Georgia faculty and students are eligible under the terms of the site license to install JMP software on both state-owned and personally-owned computers for activities related to instruction or research. Funding for the JMP site license was provided by student technology fee funds from the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences.

For additional product information and documentation, please visit the JMP Software web site.

This is an annual site license that has to be renewed each year. For technical support requests, please email JMP Support and include the relevant technical site number for the product you are using in the subject line.

Franklin College OIT serves as the site administrator for JMP. Please email Franklin OIT Help Desk if you have any questions about the JMP site license.


Installers & Patches

Installer Notes: JMP 11 is NOT compatible with Windows XP; JMP 10 will need to be used if you are installing on a computer with Windows XP. Some of the installers are provided in .zip files and will need to be extracted to a folder before installing the software. The licenses are built into the installers for Windows. However, the licenses will have to be downloaded separately for Macintosh installs.

Windows installers (Tech Site 70112304)

Macintosh installers (Tech Site 70112305)

Licenses Only

Notes: These license files are used to update existing installations and for Macintosh installs. You must extract the .txt license file out of the zipped download first.  Do not point JMP to the .zip file.  JMP will ask you for the license file and then generate a .per file. If it asks you where to save the .per file, choose a permanent place to save the file. If the .per file is deleted JMP will become deactivated and will not operate.