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Enterprise Information Technology Services



JMP is data analysis software sponsored by the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences. Funding for the site license was provided by the Student Technology Fee. JMP is compatible for Windows and Mac devices.

Students, Faculty, Staff and IT Professionals

Under the terms of the site license, all UGA students, faculty and staff are eligible to install and use JMP software on both state-owned and personally-owned computers for activities related to instruction or research. 

Follow these instructions to update existing installs of JMP:

  • You must extract the .txt license file out of the zipped download first.
  • Do not point JMP to the .zip file. 
  • JMP will ask you for the license file and then generate a .per file. If it asks you to save the .per file, choose a permanent place to save the file.
  • If the .per file is deleted JMP will become deactivated and will not operate.

For technical support requests, please email JMP support . Make sure to include in the subject line the relevant technical site number for the product you are using.