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ChemOffice is used for drawing chemical structures or 3D chemical models. It also includes a research notebook application and chemical inventory applications.

Students, Faculty, Staff and IT Professionals

Who can use ChemOffice?

  • Students, faculty and staff may use ChemOffice on UGA-issued computers as well as their home computers, through a university-wide annual site license. This site license was initiated by the Department of Chemistry with support from the Student Technology Fee. 

How do I access ChemOffice?

  • To receive a license code, visit the PerkinElmer Informatics website. Search for the University of Georgia in the Subscription Gallery, and register with your UGA email address.
  • Once logged in to Perkin Elmer's site, you can download the installer for ChemOffice from the home menu. You can find complete download instructions on the Franklin OIT website.
  • Your site license will expire each year in early March. You will need to renew it every year, by following the instructions provided within the software. 
  • ChemOffice is also available on the UGA vLab. You can find more information here.

Where can I find support for ChemOffice?