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Maple software can help you with symbolic computation in algebra and calculus. 


Due to decreased use in recent years, Maplesoft, UGA’s system to help you with symbolic computation in algebra and calculus will be decommissioned at the end of May 2023. If you have any documentation that you wish to save from Maple, we suggest that you export it at this time. 

Students, Faculty, Staff and IT Professionals

Students may use Maple installed on UGA-owned devices only. Licensing for students' personal devices is not included in the agreement.

Faculty and staff may download Maple on personal devices.

Faculty and staff may submit a Help Desk ticket requesting access and keys from EITS C&L. New keys are required each year around July 1. 

You can find support links on the Maple website or on Maple's support page.

Contact the Maplesoft Customer Support Department via the online form located at