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Enterprise Information Technology Services

ITCLA Acquisition Process

Products / Services Acquisition

ITCLA is available to assist in negotiation and procurement of software, hardware and IT Services. 

What happens after we get your request?

After evaluating your request, if ITCLA is able to provide the requested service, a member of the staff will contact you and we will follow these steps to complete your request.

Acquisition “The 12 Step” Process  —  What is next?

  1. Contract process evaluation
  2. Meeting with the contract/agreement requester
  3. Contact with vendor for overview/set ground rules
  4. Conference call and/or technical presentation coordination, as required
  5. Strategy development – objectives and specifications
  6. Cone of silence, negotiation, first round or more
  7. Legal Affairs, review, final draft proposal, approval of final terms
  8. Purchasing process, UGA Procurement processing
  9. Assist with any remaining detail requirements from UGA Procurement
  10. Contract management initiation, track implementation and deliverables
  11. Review vendor scorecard
  12. Summative evaluation, future strategy, savings/value analysis

To get started with the acquisition process, please submit a request via the online request form