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Boyd Data Center Hosting Service Details

Boyd Data Center Hosting - Centralized data center hosting provides the following benefits:

  • A central, secure, standards-based and monitored area for critical departmental computing equipment
  • 24-hour staff support and Project Management
  • Environmental Control – HVAC/UPS/Generator
  • Fire Protection
  • Physical Security/Access Control
  • EITS will ensure and maintain the technical security (IPS, AV, Firewall, etc.) of the network the server is on
  • EITS will not access the server or the data on the server

Boyd Data Center EITS Responsibilities:

  • Assistance with installation of departmental server and storage equipment
  • Provision of adequate network connections for client environment
  • Provision of adequate power for client environment
  • Appropriate notification of data center maintenance events
  • Appropriate notification of data center outage events

Boyd Data Center Hosting Client Responsibilities - The client is responsible to create and maintain all tasks for departmental equipment, which includes:

  • Recognition that all servers (virtual or physical) and software under this agreement will be required to meet all security and production policies and standards as identified at:
  • Storage of equipment and manuals are to be housed outside the BDC
  • Departments are responsible for Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Planning for their equipment/applications and should review the requirements established by the UGA Department of Emergency Preparedness. In the event of data loss/software failure in the client's servers, the client is responsible for any costs associated with the procurement of software, data recovery and/or labor required from an outside vendor
  • To understand that access for the client’s staff will be allowed in a limited manner and subject to the EITS BDC access policy, in order to preserve a secure environment for all clients

Boyd Data Center Hosting Services Contact Information

Submit a Boyd Data Center Hosting service request

Tier 1: EITS Help Desk ( – (706)542-3106

Tier 2: Chris Fleming, Interim IT Director – (706)542-0189,

Updated: 10/21/2021