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Printing Kiosk Service Details

WEPA (Wireless Everywhere Print Anywhere) is a wireless printing service that allows students to print documents at a WEPA kiosk from the web, USB drive, smartphone or any computer. Print kiosks are strategically located around the UGA Campus. For more information, please see

EITS Responsibilities

Under a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), EITS is accountable for kiosk central hosting activities including the following responsibilities:

  • Responsible for hardware replacement and escalated support for hardware or software issues on the printing kiosk.
  • Responsible for back-end processing of kiosk payments and printing fees.
  • Responsible for escalating issues with WEPA to resolve problems with the printing kiosk.
  • Responsible for providing a Status Page that informs the client and CTS when consumables reach a critical or near-critical level. 
  • Responsible for regular inspection and maintenance updates to ensure ongoing functionality.
  • Responsible for monitoring of printing kiosk availability and network connectivity and escalating issues to EITS or WEPA, as appropriate.
  • Responsible for providing a climate-controlled storage space for paper, toner and printer replacement parts to be stockpiled.
  • Responsible for student awareness and training, generating awareness materials and distributing to students, faculty and staff.
  • Responsible for installing and maintaining all print kiosk consumables other than paper.
  • Responsible for maintaining a supply of paper in the bottom section of the kiosk for easy access and replenishment. Training will be provided as requested. 

Client Responsibilities

The following items are general client responsibilities for all services included:

  • Replenishing paper (supplied by EITS) as needed in the kiosk (EITS will provide training as needed).
  • Contacting CTS when paper supply inventory falls below the supply agreement defined by EITS and the client. 
  • Contact EITS for any physical relocation proposals to ensure proper networking and operation.
  • Budgetary compensation as described by EITS to be billed monthly.
  • A central point of contact to prioritize work order requests when needed.
  • Provide contact information and to inform EITS of any changes to contact information.
  • EITS or the Client must give EITS and WEPA a 90-day written notice for cessation of a Memorandum of Understanding.
  • Provide a current after-hours contact for EITS in the case of an after-hours incident involving the printing kiosk.

Printing Pricing

  • Monochrome printing will be charged at $0.09 per printed surface. This equates to $0.09 for a page in a one-sided printout or $0.18 for a double-sided printout.
  • Color printing will be charged at $0.60 per printed surface. This equates to $0.60 for a page in a one-sided printout or $1.00 for a double-sided printout.

Printing Kiosk Services Contact Information

Submit a Printing Kiosk service request

Tier 1: EITS Client Technology Support (

Tier 2: Tatiana Phillips, Printing kiosk lead – (706) 614-0749,

Tier 3: Thomas Jones, IT Senior Manager – (706) 542-6292,

Tier 4: Sarah Jones –


Updated: 06/09/2023