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EITS TeamDynamix (TD) Support Details & Responsibilities

Service Description

TeamDynamix is web-based work management software. This software tool allows clients to track incidents, service requests, assist with streamlining procedures using workflows, and project management. This product allows support requests from a client customer base to be created by email or web forms located in the provided "Client Portal".

EITS TeamDynamix Group Responsibilities

  1. EITS will provide the client a non-exclusive, non-transferable license for the client's Named Authorized Users to use the ticketing products, features, and services.
  2. EITS will build out a ticketing system for the client.
    • Basic features include:
      • Groups, ticket types, and custom attribute builds
      • Ticket escalation schedules (“SLAs”) that can be applied to tickets
      • Service Catalog entries with request forms that create tickets
      • Creation of user accounts, based on available amount of license(s) client has purchased through EITS.
    • Additional features may include:
      • Ticket creation from customer email to a client address (see client responsibilities)
        • Upon request, scheduled ticketing admin instruction and/or training
        • Custom workflow (basic approved/denied options or tasks tied to the ticket); web services workflows excluded
        • Unique ticket tasks
  3. Provide credentials for each of the client’s Named Authorized Users to access the product.
  4. By May, provide the client with an annual fiscal renewal MOU for TeamDynamix licenses based upon client’s then-current count of Named Authorized Users and current pricing.
  5. Provide clients with a TeamDynamix support webpage at:

Client Responsibilities

  1. Each of the client's Named Authorized Users must have a UGA MyID.
  2. Provide EITS with the full name, UGA MyID, and participating unit's name for each of the client's Named Authorized Users as well as quantities.
  3. Inform EITS in a timely manner of any changes to the client's Named Authorized Users.
  4. Provide EITS payment annually for the use of the products.
  5. The client is responsible for any charges, fees, penalties, claims, demands and/or causes of action whatsoever, arising from the client's unauthorized use of TeamDynamix products or services.
  6. Do not modify, port, create derivative works of, adapt, translate, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, or otherwise attempt to discover the source code of the products delivered and object code.
  7. Clients are prohibited from: (i) using the products on behalf of third parties; and (ii) renting, leasing, lending, or granting rights to the products to third parties.          
  8. Non-licensed users may submit support tickets.
  9. Clients using a departmental email may, upon request, redirect departmental emails to TeamDynamix for ticket creation. If a client does not have a departmental email, it is the responsibility of the client to procure one.
  10. Clients shall use the products in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, policies, and procedures.
  11. Client will provide a central point of contact who will authorize and prioritize work order requests when needed via support form and a point of contact to authorize billing and contract concerns.
  12. Client will respond to requests for more information or feedback on work in a reasonable time (three (3) business days) in order for EITS to keep a client support ticket open. If EITS believes the request has been satisfied and does not hear back from the client, the request will be assumed to be satisfied and the ticket will be resolved.
  13. If an API account is requested, it must be coordinated through the designated technical contact. EITS will provide the API account but will not provide support for any API development. EITS will not be held liable for any outages, disruptions, errors, or deletion of data caused by the API account. EITS is unable to provide backups of user data and cannot restore if errors occur. Client accepts all risks associated with API issues. EITS reserves the right to not provide accounts or remove API account at our discretion.

Rates, Adding and Removing License(s)

  1. The current EITS rate for TeamDynamix licenses is posted on the EITS Cost Recovery website:
  2. By May of each year, EITS will work with clients to review and ensure current license counts and named users are accurate for the next fiscal year. During the annual reviews, the client may request a reduction in licensing for the upcoming fiscal year.
  3. No license(s) shall be granted for a limited time frame. License(s) must be purchased for the full or remainder of a fiscal year with no exceptions.
  4. To reduce administrative burden, client may purchase or keep “open licenses” to use at a later date. Once a user is identified, please update records using the TeamDynamix support form.
  5. At any time, new clients or additional new users for current clients can onboard with prorated pricing as stated below via the following form:
  6. July will start the new billing cycle for TeamDynamix at the current fiscal year’s published license rate.
    • After October 1st, a twenty-five percent (25%) rate discount will apply no license reduction allowed.
    • After January 1st, a fifty percent (50%) rate discount will apply, no license reduction allowed.
    • After April 1st a seventy-five percent (75%) rate discount will apply, no license reduction allowed.
  7. If the client does not sign the annual renewal MOU in July, EITS reserves the right to deactivate the ticket application until the MOU is signed and we are able to submit billing for the licenses being used.

TeamDynamix Support & Resources Contact Information

Support is provided 8:00AM - 5:00PM, Monday through Friday, excluding University holidays and closures.  Support will be provided remotely. Client named user maintenance requests will be completed in an estimated time of one (1) business day. If users being added are beyond the current licensed amount for the client, it will require the purchasing of additional license(s) through EITS and user(s) will not be added until the bill is paid.  Standard changes such as adding or updating attributes, service catalog entries, or removing email services will be completed in an estimated time of three (3) business days. Substantial changes such as adding attributes with large menus, workflows, large request forms with over fifteen (15) fields, static or cascading forms, or items which require testing on the sandbox will be completed in an estimated time of seven (7) business days including time required for meetings. Requests for adding email services may take up to fifteen (15) business days to complete.

Note: Changes which require testing on the sandbox to avoid accidental negative impact to production services will be considered "substantial" for the purposes of this agreement.

Contact EITS TeamDynamix Support Form:

Request for EITS TeamDynamix additional license(s) or new MOU form:

Tier 1:  EITS TeamDynamix Support at or
Tier 2:  Michael Jacobson, IT Manager — (706) 542-8834,
Tier 3:  Sarah Jones, IT Director – (706) 542-7688,


Updated: 06/09/2023