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Secure Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Service Details

For University of Georgia faculty and staff who have a need to work with restricted information (SSN, HIPPA data, credit card data), EITS offers a secure virtual desktop instance that can be used to access and work with these data in a secure manner.  This service is specifically designed to comply with applicable laws, policies, and guidelines provided to campus by our external partners.

This service is provided to University of Georgia faculty and staff on a cost recovery basis.  Rates for the service can be found in the EITS Cost Recovery Services and Rates Table.

If you have questions or concerns about this service, please see the SecureVDI Service Contact Information at the bottom of this page.

Important Service Details

  • Each SecureVDI instance will incur a one-time provisioning/setup fee

Standard Configuration Effective 7/1/2020 Forward

  • The minimum required buy-in purchase of the standard build:
    • 2 vCPU (virtual CPU cores)
    • 6GB RAM (virtual memory)
    • 50 GB HDD (virtual storage)
  •  Additional memory, compute, or storage can be added at additional costs
  • Clients must also procure Remote Desktop Image Management (RDI) services.
  • Service cancellations require a 90-day notice from the client
  • Data stored local to a SecureVDI is NOT backed up
    • NOTE:  If you need a storage solution for the storing or sharing of data with other SecureVDI users, contact us about making use of our Secure IFS service offering.

Client Expectations

  • Provide EITS with a business contact for any billing changes or issues
  • Provide EITS with a technical contact for any service changes or issues
  • Inform EITS of any changes to business or technical contact information
  • Renewal of all necessary support agreements covering installed software purchased by the client and installed by EITS on virtual desktops
  • All Secure VDI clients are required to have, and pay for, one Remote Desktop Image Management service provided by EITS-CTS per Virtual Desktop Infrastructure environment

EITS Expectations

  • Responsible for configuration and updates to hardware, firmware, and virtualization software
  • Responsible for hardware troubleshooting, diagnosis, and resolution
  • Provide service performance and availability monitoring
  • Provide support and proactive communications to clients.
    • Normal Support will be provided during standard business hours of 8:00am – 5:00pm Monday – Friday, excluding University observed holidays and University closures.
    • Emergency Support will include of a maximum one-hour response time during emergencies or service outages between standard business hours.
    • Extended Support outside of standard business hours will be on a best effort response following the EITS on-call procedures.
  • Responsible for documentation of configuration and maintenance procedures and processes concerning hypervisor environment
  • Responsible for delegating appropriate levels of access necessary for the purposes of Systems Administration by client
  • Maintaining the internal and external network connectivity of the virtual desktop environment.
  • Responsible for backup and restore functionality to ensure continuity of data and restoration of service in the case of a disaster that impacts VMware client.
    • EITS backs up all infrastructure and images, but not any data stored locally within the VDI itself.  Clients needing to save or share out data can utilize our Secure IFS service.
  • Responsible for the installation of hypervisor-related tools and updates to them
  • Responsible for the application of all patches and updates to the guest operating system
  • Responsible for the application of all patches and updates to any and all software installed on top of the guest operating system
  • Responsible for timely response to all security concerns
  • Renewal of all support agreements covering EITS-installed software and/or OS licensing.
  • Provide basic client support for the client OS and applications within the SecureVDI
  • Put in requests for initial and on-going Firewall requests and renewals
  • Put in requests for initial and on-going Proxy exception requests

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Contact Information

Submit a SecureVDI service request
Tier 1: EITS Help Desk ( – (706)542-3106
Tier 2: Thomas Jones, IT Senior Manager - (706) 542-6292,
Tier 3: Ashley Henry, IT Senior Manager – (706) 542-1091,

Updated: 12/01/2021